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Low-cost optimization of ANDRAS terminals

Extension to USB stick

ANDRAS Steuerungssysteme GmbH has again made possible a bridge between well-proven technology and the technology of today!

Manual terminal with USB installationEffective immediately, you can also use the flexible USB storage technology with your Bitbus and Link manual terminal - and this is in addition to the disk as used previously.

This option became possible through an installation concept which was realized in our service department.


As a result of an extension of service menu structure, a change can be implemented at any time between the two storage media.

With the conversion, you are provided by us with a USB stick, which is provided with a labeling surface.

You can label the data storage medium repeatedly with a water-soluble signer and thus integrate it into your filing system.


Furthermore, the two-step acknowledge release switch is replaced with a 3-stage acknowledge release switch, so that your terminal corresponds to IEC/EN 60947-5-1.

The concept of the conversion was selected so that a direct replacement of the former pushbutton can be carried out.

All optimizations of the terminal can be used immediately on your system, since no additional changes are necessary.


We will be glad to advise you and offer you these services, which are tailored to your company.



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