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Systems & languages

ANDRAS Steuerungssysteme GmbH has succeeded in developing operating systems and languages that make it possible to represent the comprehensive functionality of PLC and CNC controls, with the aid of simple commands.

For that ANDRAS Operating Systems employ an algorithm with the designation sequence, which is designated as object-oriented today. In this case, the user describes a functional unit (for example the function of a cylinder) with the aid of ANDRAS Language Commands, whose command code consists of 3 Items.

This sequence is provided with

  • its own storage areas,
  • its own timers and
  • its own counters

and thus form Mini-Software PLC for the described function. This virtual PLC controls and checks the described process autonomously. With that, a statement about every operational state is available.

Using the method of job allocation, the described functional units are addressed and activated to the implementation of the task. In this way, it is always the case that only those sequences that are currently needed in the process are switched. This procedure results in a very short cycle time and is therefore also particularly suitable for the control of highly-dynamic processes..

The generation of the sequences and the description of the individual functional elements associated with that, as well as the statement available at any time about the sequence status of the functional unit, enables the integration of a complex diagnostics platform almost concurrently.

We are glad to present to you these powerful software systems, in association with your task definition.

We look forward your making contact.



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