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OAC Open Automation Control

PLC and CNC control concept

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In the seventies, there was an increase in the desire of large-scale industries to be provided with fully-automatic factories, which was accelerated by the entry of mainframe computers into the administration areas of the companies.

IT experts were pushed into developing and applying concepts for automatic manufacturing plants.

Reinhard Andras was also faced with such a challenge, who quickly identified, however, that only modular, open micro-processor systems, extended by module assemblies for the linking of the process peripherals and the communications networks, ensure an optimal, industrial-related and growing platform.


ECB Control rackANDRAS Steuerungssysteme GmbH, together with partner companies, therefore developed in 1980 a modular control system in the then usual rack-technology. The 19 inch rack technology is based on Z80 processors and was propagated widely under the brand term ECB control.

As a result of the high level of reliability of the ECB controls, these are still employed by well-know end customers today, and are produced by ANDRAS Steuerungssysteme GmbH. As a result of corresponding new developments, the performance capability has been adapted to present requirements. With that, a function-compatible replacement has been simultaneously created for older module assemblies.


TSM controlling moduleThe most modern microprocessor technology today forms the platform for the family of systems OAC OPEN AUTOMATION CONTROL. The OAC system structure offers low-cost solutions with serial coupling or powerful solutions with parallel connection.


ECB control card All system processors are provided with comprehensive PLC and CNC controls. Through the implementation of specially designed operating systems, such as

  • OALsysPro for processing
  • OALsysPac for packaging
  • OALsysR for handling and robotics

a very simple solution of complex systems is enabled.





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